Everyday heroes in your community serving as an inspiration to the people whose lives they touch — this is the heart and soul of the Essence of Humanity Award.

Celso Mesias receives Essence of Humanity Award

Celso Mesias of Mount Joy, Pa., was honored by the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) with an Essence of Humanity Award at the organization’s annual volunteer gala recently.

The Essence of Humanity Award recognizes individuals who, beyond the requirements of their work, demonstrate remarkable human qualities including courage, love, strength, determination, and persistence when dealing with adversity. The award also honors those who demonstrate a spirit of caring and provide inspiration to such individuals.

About Celso Mesias

Originally from Peru, Celso Mesias now plays an important role in the Lancaster community, inspiring hope as a “tireless advocate for young people,” according to SACA CEO Carlos Graupera. An employee of QVC and graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Mesias partnered with Lancaster’s Radio Centro on a program he developed called Jovenes en Accion, a youth radio program designed to develop young people’s leadership skills. The program to train young people as radio broadcasters developed in them a confidence that led some of these young broadcasters to attend college.

Mesias was honored as a peacemaker in 2007 from the Lancaster Mediation Center and serves as Board Chair of Self Development of People Presbytery of Donegal, promoting and supporting community programs such as Seeds of Hope (an educational program for adults), Edad de Oro (a senior development program), and F.A.I.T.H Neighbors United (protecting and empowering children and families in Lancaster City). He recently founded Usted y su Familia family ministries and is about to serve as programmer and host of family and parenting education at Centro TV.

About Essence of Humanity

The Essence of Humanity Award honors those who inspire the best in all of us, through the award itself and by elevating the stories of the recipients. The program began in 2001 when business and community leaders in South-Central Pennsylvania established the award. The award is presented by participating organizations in collaboration with the Essence of Humanity program’s steering committee, which evaluates the nominations. For more information, contact Robin Stauffer, Executive Director, at 717-293-4498, or visit the website at www.essenceofhumanity.org.