Everyday heroes in your community serving as an inspiration to the people whose lives they touch — this is the heart and soul of the Essence of Humanity Award.

Christine O’Gorman receives Essence of Humanity Award

Christine O’Gorman of Lancaster was honored with the Essence of Humanity Award recently by the School District of Lancaster. The award was presented at its All-Staff Meeting on August 22.

The Essence of Humanity Award recognizes individuals who, beyond the requirements of their work, demonstrate remarkable human qualities including courage, love, strength, determination, and persistence when dealing with adversity. The award also honors those who demonstrate a spirit of caring and provide inspiration to such individuals on a daily basis.

About Christine O’Gorman (source: nomination by Ryan Evans)

Christine O’Gorman was presented with an Essence of Humanity award in recognition of her work with students every day in the Emotional Support Classroom at Edward Hand Middle School.

The students under Christine’s care have a host of disabilities, including emotional disturbance, traumatic brain injury, bi-polar disorder, specific learning disabilities, ADHD, and other health impairments.  She goes above and beyond her assigned duties to provide a rigorous and disciplined academic environment, in combination with a behaviorally therapeutic classroom.

Christine shares her love of French with the students by teaching a French lesson each week, and she works with the students in unified arts, donating her time and resources to help them with arts and crafts.  She also volunteers her time to tutor students after school, to teach them on Saturdays, to provide assistance to parents, and she eats lunch with the students each day, always encouraging skills to help them become academically and socially successful.

As was so eloquently stated in her nomination, “Christine inspires me, our students, their families, and other teachers and professionals each and every day through her love, perseverance, kindness, and determination.  She embodies the essence of humanity every minute of every day, and we are lucky to have such a person in this world.”

About Essence of Humanity

The intent of the Essence of Humanity Award is to honor those who inspire the best in all of us through the award and by elevating their stories. The program began in 2001 when business and community leaders in South-Central Pennsylvania established the award. The award is presented by participating organizations in collaboration with the Essence of Humanity program’s steering committee, which evaluates the nominations. For more information, contact Robin Stauffer, Executive Director, at 717-293-4498, or visit the website at www.essenceofhumanity.org.